Monday, February 4, 2013

Here I am at Last with Updates

I cannot believe it has been so long since I blogged...I have covered a lot of ground since I was here last..
Christmas was exciting. We spent Christmas eve having dinner at my house  with dear friends and a card game after. Christmas day we were invited to a friends for dinner and a fun visit with their 8 yr.. old boy. The young ones sure know how to entertain the "old" ones and make it a lot of fun.

My DH & I then ventured off the beaten path and took off for Niagara Falls to enjoy the Festival of Lights.I am not fond of travel but I really enjoyed this trip.
 Our Suite was on the 11th floor and we had a lovely view of the falls..So magical.

 Here we are toasting the  moment

Everything was covered with the thick icy beautiful as though we were in Fairy Land

The Butterfly Conservatory was awesome.. The most beautiful species and they were everywhere.

There were feeding stations throughout  and were saw so many varieties. There was a huge turquoise butterfly that I hoped would land  but it never did, it just fluttered around the whole time. 

The Bird Sanctuary was amazing too. Species I had no idea existed.. These are just a few of my faves

We carried on with the Tourist Tradition and visited the Wax Museum...Very few likenesses which was a little disappointing, and yet great works of art when you think about  the techniques.

We visited Ripley's Believe it Or Not. So many interesting things to see and read about. Being a quilter this one took my eye. It is a quilt made up of prize winning ribbons...stunning.
We did a lot of walking and seeing and doing... We also spent some time and money in the Casino ..and reaped some rewards too.. Nice to come out on top.
So that was our little holiday escapade.

We had our family Christmas dinner the middle of Jamuary when we could finally get everyone to-gether.
It was great to be to-gether and to add to the celebration our Grandson Andrew and his partner announced I was going to be a Great grandmother!!! Oh My! what a surprise and wished them all the best.
Here is the happy couple

and here are the happy Great Grandparents to be.

That's all for now before you fall asleep!!!!
I have lots more to tell you about my Shenannigans but that will happen later..
Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving comments...It makes me very happy.
So til later
I wish you all
A Very Happy New Year


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip - I would love to go back to the butterfly conservatory sometime. Congratulations on the upcoming great grand-hood too!

Mama Pea said...

I have missed you so, and I was seriously starting to worry! ;-) So glad you've been having such a wonderful time! Great grandparents! Wow! How wonderful. That butterfly conservatory really seems cool. Big hugs to you!

Maggie R said...

Dear Friends....I really do apologize for being gone so long...It always amazes me how quickly the time flies .. Thanks for the congratulations..Doesn't seem possible!!I'm still 40 in my head!!
I have been to 2 retreats in January and will post about that soon.One with the Fibre Arts Group and one at the Elmhurst with 40 quilters..Lots of fun and pampering.
I'm dancing as fast as I can:)
til then Big hugs all around

Jackie said...

Wow, love the pictures of the conservatory. I may have to try and get Harvey to take a trip there.

God bless.