Monday, September 3, 2007

June Bead Journal Project

Finally getting around to posting a picture of my BJP for June.
Had trouble getting a theme going . I was humming this song one day and the lightening bolt struck!!!.......Song Titles....
As you probably have guessed this one is "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"...bluebirds fly...etc....
The beading along the one side will be on each of the 12 pieces. Gives me a place to join them all to-gether.
I will be making a nice cover to house them in at the end.
I have July and August in the works so stay tuned :0)

Pin Doll Swap#3

Here is my third doll pin for the swap.. The colors are not showing true in the picture. The face is an atiqued teal, and the beads are multi colored with shades of teal/blue/burgundy and iris. I think the color is called dark blue iris.... then I used silver beads as an accent and silver charms complete the picture.
These have been so much fun, I will do more but first i better get back to my BJP.