Thursday, December 20, 2007


My online friend Phyllis King has seen fit to "tag" me to play in this
blog game: I must list 7 random/weird things about me that perhaps nobody
knows. Then I tag 7 other blogger friends who must play "tag"
with me,(To you 7 I hope you are still my friend :-)...... and list 7 about themselves on their blogs; and also visit 7
friends of theirs and "tag" their blogs. This could go on forever!!!!!!
Here are 7 things about me that most folks don't know:

1.I LOVE to drink pickle juice.
2.I like to eat left-over pizza for breakfast.
3.I'm petrified to drive in the winter.
4. My Bedtime is usually 4 am.
5.I hate going in my bare feet.
6.I'm addicted to old movies.
7.I am a classical pianist....(Very much out of practice!!)