Thursday, April 7, 2011


Hello Dear Friends, Here I am at last. I have been so busy. The Studio Tour for Artists of Oxford County is fast approaching and I have been working hard on my ideas. There will be a "Sneak Peek" on Friday for all the artists involved. I will post pics of that on the week-end. This is an Embroidered box that was so much fun to make. It is a pale green silk with a deep purple silk lining.Each section is 4"x5"and is embellished with other bits of silk and beads. The color is not showing up but I think it gives you an idea. I plan to do some more of these boxes. They have been so much fun.

Since it is the "Year of the Rabbit" I wanted to do some of these pincushions.. It measures 4" x 6" and is mounted on a wooden pedestal.
The cat is adorable too and it measures 8"x6". They are both made from the beautiful wool I use for rug hooking ($24.00 and yard! yikes, but I thought they were worth the best). The white patches are hand sewn on with the buttonhole stitch.

The wooden pedestals I finish with a white paint with gold accents.

They are stuffed tight as a drum and can be used as a soft sculpture piece or a pin cushion.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my latest effort.

Now I am off to a meeting and then back to my studio to work.

It is starting to look like spring, the birds are singing, it is a sunny day and NO SNOW!!!! yeah!