Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Another Journal

This journal has a moveable paper doll on the cover.I had fun doing these dolls awhile ago and i had a couple just waiting for their debut... Now as I was working on this one I have been trying to remember where the heck I have put my patterns and my supplies for doing them!!!! Godfreys I just have tooo much stuff!!!! The doll has an accordian book on the front and it i opens up with all kinds of encouraging words. Neat I thought. I beaded the fabric as well LOL


Well I have been trying to get a few more little tuck in gifts done for Chtistmas gift giving.
The journal/sketchbook is for my daughter Deborah, She LOVES this kind of thing....and the little beaded Diva pin is for a friend of hers...Whew ..... 2 down and a few to go..... Tic-Toc-goes the clock!!