Friday, July 2, 2010

Another Doll

Meet Mrs Noteworthy, my latest creation...... She is little ( 5" ) a stump doll(free standing) She wears a dress with a music note pattern, pearl earrings and necklace, along with another pendant she always wears which was a gift from one of her music students. Her tote and hat are hand crocheted in a pretty shade of blue(her favorite) and over her shoulders she wears a hand felted wool stole. Those old bones need warmth even on the sunniest summer day.

She will be off to lunch on Saturday with some dear friends.I just know she will be the centre of attention.... She loves that. She will shower us with wonderful stories of her days at the Music Academy and of the time she spent with the New York Symphony where she played violin. Everyone is amazed that she still plays even tho she just celebrated her 98th birthday. Her fingers are knarled and stiff but she can still make those strings sing!

Mrs. Noteworthy will be a nice addition to my friend's Music Room.I know she will enjoy being there...