Saturday, January 28, 2012

Catching Up

Once a year in January the Thursday Evening Quilters get to-gether for a Hen Party.
We bring something to work on....

We just relax....
We show and share...
We discuss  the project...
 AND of course we enjoy a fabulous pot luck luncheon.

This lemon cheesecake was to die for....

the pickled asparagus took my fancy... 

busy busy....and
Smile you're on Candid Camera..
Thanks Ann for a warm and fuzzy day to-gether

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

MRI Results

Hello dear friends.
I thought I would let you know what is happening around me just now.
I thought I had sciatica which was the source of my horrible pain BUT ....not so!
Turns out the MRI revealed I had inflamation of the spinal column. The doctor wanted to clear it up ASAP so he prescribed the drug I hate most....PREDNISONE!
It was what I had to endure for 2 years when I had polymyalgia rheumatica. I blew up like a balloon..
He assured me I would not be on it long term and it would not affect me that way...whew!, just a week or 2 of a high dose should do  the trick.
All well and good but Prednisone and diabetes is not  compatible and my blood sugar shot up from 5 to 29. I nearly fainted when I saw the numbers. When this happened before I had to go on insulin as my regular metformin does not work to control the blood sugar.
Well after a couple of days on  the insulin my reading this am was 4.2...YEAH!
Looks like things are returning to normal(whatever that is!)
So that is the story to date..I am feeling so much better and no back pain thank goodness.
I am back working in my studio, finishing up some hand applique on a quilt, and then getting ready for a retreat next week... I am so looking forward to that.
I have some other things to tell you but for now I will call it  a day.
Thank you to everyone that takes the time to stop by for a visit and leave a helllo.It makes me feel soooooo good..
Toodlesfor now

Friday, January 6, 2012

Getting an Early Start

Isn't this a beautiful early morning sky......
Well as some of you know I am NOT a morning person... I like to move from chair  to chair with my coffee when I get up and contemplate the day.. I usually come alive and get going by 10 am.
Well since the new year I have tried to get up early and make my mornings longer and more productive....
It really pays off when you get to see a beautiful sunrise!.. Now I am not promising  and it is not a new year's resolution, but I hope to see many more  early morning sunrises....
Have a great day everyone.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Meet Isabella

Here she is at last..."Isabella"
The gold crispinettes hold her braids in place and the fillet lies across her forehead.
A veil is attatched at the back of the fillet.
At her neck is a wimple  made of fine silk.
 Her waistcoat is a soft purple made of silk duppione trimmed in white mink.
          The front has a row of crystal buttons for an accent
           She carries a gold lame bag encrusted in beads and sequins
           I used a special hand made bead on the bottom of the bag.
                  Around her waist is a jewelled belt made up of crystals and beads...

Last year I had the pleasure of taking a doll class from Colleen Babcock, a very well known international doll maker living in England.This was the doll Colleen taught, which she calls "A Stitch In Time"It is a history lesson in disguise, as I learned all the names of her garments, which I had not heard of before, it was such fun.
If ever you get a chance to take a class from Colleen you will not be disappointed.Colleen's Blog is here....check it out
Thanks so much Colleen for this opportunity, I loved every moment. It took me awhile to finish her , but I feel it was worth the wait. She should have a piece of cross stitch of a dragon that she is holding but since I am not fond of cross stitch, I decided to  give her a very elegant bag to carry. I hope you like her..