Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Saturday, May 26, 2012


This is my latest venture...."Hot Tubbies"
The  local Art Gallery looked through my CD of my work and selected some items they wanted to put in their Gift Shop 
These dolls are so much fun to make..They do not like to get wet in the Hot Tub, but they like to get into their swim wear and sit arounf the Hot Tub and share time with their friends.
Some like to knit, some like to read, sometimes they have a glass of wine.
Their stories and chatter is hilarious but as the saying goes.......
I didn't know exactly how many to make so 3 sounded good...
They were sold before I got out the door!
  So I guess it is back to the drawing board...LOL

Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Latest Adventure

 The first of May a small town in Southern Ontario, Canada called Ailsa Craig hosts a different group of quilters from Across the big pond including Europe, The British Isles and different countries.
This year the quilters were from Denmark.
 They bring a quilt show with them for all to see and admire and they also teach some classes.
I took two classes, one with Charlotte Yye who is a master world quilter...
She taught Chiva Paintsticks and how to incorporate this work into a quilt.. Fabulous workshop.. unfortunately I forgot my camera that day ...darn! and since it was over an hour from home I did not bother to go get ...sigh.. Oh well I do have my samples which I will show at another time and the memories will last forever.
 This class I am showing you now was called Japanese Patchwork. Our teacher , Lisbet Borggreen was a delightful woman and had slides from the area where she lived.. Most interesting!
 I was absolutely intrigued with this idea and had to take the class. Each block has 9 finished pieces in it and depending on how you place them it gives you the design. The fun part is the back of your quilt has a different design than the front! not that cool!These are a few examples of the work

This is the front and back of my sample