Monday, December 29, 2008

Another Project Finished!!

I have been knitting socks for my one daughter for a couple of years. She loves the handknits. I had to stop knitting for awhile as it was making my arms sore.... but I have picked it up and doing a bit at a time...... finally finished... Took this picture 6 times and it's still blurry!!!!! sorry!!!!

Recycle Your Christmas Cards

Cathy Filian has provided a great Tutorial on how to recycle your Christmas cards. I just LOVE IT! and always wondered how to do it.....

More Embellished Postcards

I needed to design two FAP's for a trade at Fibre Arts Trader portraying a winter scene, This is what I came up with.The red speck in the tree is a cardinal....OK ,,OK,,so use your imagination!!! hee hee