Monday, April 23, 2012


Finished framing another Needlepunch piece..I LOVE anything "Sheep" and this one is especially nice.


I have been busy framing my needlepunch work for the Artists of Oxford County Studio Tour. 
The " Rabbit" took forever to do as I had trouble getting the wrinkles  under control.I did lace the back as I was suppose to do but yet it was not perfect....sigh
The Mola is one of Four.I thought I would rather frame it in fabric and did a fine stippling stitch on the background.I thought I was done and yet it seemed to be lacking in something so I  put a beaded fringe along the bottom in the colors of the mola.I used some large black crystals to give it a zing.
I am very pleased with how it turned out. Now I have 12 more pieces to do. Gee I only have 2 weeks!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

What's New

Had a great time taking a workshop from Heather Stewart a couple of weeks ago.This is the quilt we were making.
It requires a lot of sewing but well worth it. 

 I went on a retreat with my quilting friends last week .
I decided to work on this quilt so I got all my strips and pre sewing done I got these blocks done .
 .I have about 40 more blocks to make..Lots of sewing but I just love the design.I have a "blue" bedroom so it will look nice on my bed.
 I had to stop working on the quilt as I had orders to fill and the Studio Tour is coming up and I have some thread work to frame along with some other things to finish up. Here is Patriotic "Angelbelle" dressed in pretty gold embellished raspberry  outfit. This doll is so sweet and is always in demand..I never get tired of spending my time on her.
Stay tuned for more updates.
Thanks for stopping by.......I always appreciate your comments.;-)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Easter

Hi to all my readers.
I am off to a workshop to-morrow and I made these treats to take along.
I must admire the birds for the way they build their nests. I am afraid mine were not that easy and I had chocolate all over the place.
That is why there are no prep pictures!!

The workshop is making a quilt like  the one in the picture.
It is called Irish Courthouse Steps and my dear friend and well known quilt teacher Heather Stewart will be teaching the class
I just LOVED the design and knew I had to do it.
Mine will be monochromatic in shades of blue and beige to fit my bedroom.
I will post more about the class later and hopefully they will enjoy the "treats"