Friday, February 24, 2012


I have been busy working on quilts the past few weeks.With so many different things I like to do I have not quilted for quite awhile and I have had a lot of fun..
I have a large tote full of strips of cotton and decided I would do a couple of string quilts. They are so much fun and very addictive.However, the tote of strings seems to be as full as ever!!I imagine there must be another 25 quilts in the future!

 This is the spider web design..I chose a lovely deep red for the centres.. It got larger than I planned...I said they were fun to do! I am not putting a border on this one as it already measures 80.5" x 80.5". I am a hand quilter but I think I will machine quilt this one... Yet to be decided.

 This is another string quilt with black centres and a diamond design. Isn't it pretty! the black really makes the colors pop.This one too needs borders and that is what I will be working on to-day.


This is  the bear paw design. I chose black/brown and butterscotch for this one.It still needs a couple of borders. When I am finished with this one it will got to "Victorias Quilts" . I am a supporter of this charity as
volunteers make quilts for cancer patients and treatment centers.

Friday, February 17, 2012


While my DH was out in the yard filling the birdfeeders this is what he discovered!!!
The snowdrops are up... sure sign spring is on the way...YEAH!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Retreat at the Elmhurst

 This is where our retreat was held.... "The Elmhurst" a very special luxurious place to stay, dine, relax at the spa.

This was the bedroom and the beds so comfy

The bathroom was very modern and the shower wasfull width of the room and big enoughh to have a party in!!! We didn't VBG
Here is where we enjoyed a fabulous buffet every day

The tables with lovely linen cloths.
This is what I planned top work on?????
Yes a tote full of strips of fabric of every color and design.I have been saving these for a long time but I swear these strips multiply overnight! I have used them before again and again and yet there must be another 25 quilts  in there.
I decided to do a spiderweb string quilt. It was so much fun and very addictive.

Sorry this picture is blurry but it gives you and idea how the quilt grew(80"x80")
I might add the strips were sewn on  tissue paper  and when I got it as big as I wanted it took me a whole evening to 4 am in the morning to remove the tissue!! worth it though as making the quilt was so much fun.

I also worked on this triple 4 patch and I used 30's fabric for this one...It was suppose to be a baby quilt but the size grew to 58"x64" without borders. I'm thinking I will divide it in half and make two baby quilts..Time will tell.;-)

This heart table runner was a gift from the hostess Cynthia from
   Cherished Pieces, Cynthia's online quilt shopWe worked on that the first evening.
These were some of the quilts the other quilters were working on.

Here is a pair of happy quilters....
There were 21 of us and we had a wonderful time together for the 3 days we were here..
Already looking forward to the next one..

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Here is my "Orts" Jar.
I joined in with hundreds of other bloggers  at "Daffy Cat's blog" for this Totally Useless Stitch-A-Long.
Check it out.
You post a picture of your Orts Jar every new moon.
There are 12 2012 New Moon Dates:

January 23
February 21
March 22
April 21
May 20
June 19
July 19
August 17
September 16
October 15
November 13
December 13

Let me know what you think ;-)