Thursday, September 11, 2008


Well here we are happily married September 11, 1954..........................and 54 years later we are still happily married.Never thought 9/11 would have another meaning !!!Oh My..... we look so young.... and we were.....DH was 21 and I was 19..I was trying to find some more pictures of us as the years progressed ........Here we are helping our dear friends whom we have kept in touch with since school days celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary.We have had a wonderful life, and we are thankful.

African Wrap Dolls

These are a couple of my African Wrap dolls I made. They are really fun to do and allows the creativity to flow. The story of these dolls goes way back to slavery times. Pieces of wire or wood were wrapped with bits of wool or cloth to make dolls for the children.Each doll wears a small mirror. African folklore tells this story.....If evil sees itself in a mirror it will run away.... so the mirror is like a protector or a good luck piece.
I apologize for my poor photography and the shadows in the picture!!!