Tuesday, October 9, 2012


This picture was taken of me at our  quilt show ...
We had a challenge to make a piece reflecting  a proverb.
Mine is the clock that actually works and all the  dots around the face are coins.
My proverb was "Time Is Money",I used an oval stretched canvas so it would have a firm base..and then covered it with a piece of fabric I machine quilted.
I bought a clock at the $$$ store and used the workings from that.PERFECT!

I actually had the baking bug and this is what I made this week..Cinnamon Buns...I have had these on my mind with drools coming out of my mouth for such a long time!!!They are soo yummy... I used dried cherries since I had no raisins,,,, they turned out very tasty. I made the dough in my bread machine and went from there...I did make an orange cream cheese  icing which was a nice addition. I might add this is not the thing to make when one is trying to lose a few pounds!! However... I did put them in the freezer and just left a couple out!:) The rest are still in the freezer and I have not heard them calling my name....YET!

This is what I made to-day... a new ironing board cover..A few days ago my friends and I went shopping at a fabric store..Not having anything in mind ...one of the gals told us about this stuff she used to make an iron tote/pressing cloth ...well I never heard of it before and I was tickled  pink"LOLThis one cost me all of $2.00... what a deal eh??
BTW the leaves are falling and the landscapes are beautiful in red and gold.. Must get a picture..
Now I am busy working on some bags..stay tuned  and have a great day..