Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A New Month Begins

The leaves are changing their colors from green to beautiful shades of orange, red and gold...
Oh My!! where did the summer go?
The fall season is packed with obligations for me... All the guilds I belong to are starting up. It will be so nice to renew friendships.. Studio Tours, Gallery Openings  .. sigh....I love every hectic moment.
Right now I am trying to finish a pair of whimsical jackets for a darling set of twin girls age 6. They are the grandaughters of one of my special clients and I just love making things for them...
I am almost finished with the jackets and will show you  how cute they are ASAP.
Until then.... I hope your day is filled happiness and pleasure.
BTW I had the problem big toe nail removed last week. I was surprised how painless the procedure was even the needle used for freezing! However , I am still bathing and dressing it a few times a day and it is very sensitive.
I am stuck wearing the worst pair of sandals that allow my toe to be free!!!! Oh Dear!!! you know how it is with a girl and her shoes!!!! I hope I can wear something more fashionable this week but it doesn't look like it!Oh well....c'est la vie!!