Friday, October 19, 2007

Russian Doll Necklace

This is the russian doll necklace . It is only abouty 1 1/2" tall. So tiny and sweet. Wearing this will surely remind me of the lovely time I had that day, learning all about these Russian traditional dollies.

Russian Dolls

The large dolls are the ones I bought. Aren't they unique! The history of the dolls is so interesting, The earliest ones had no features since the belief was evil could enter through the eyes, Later on some did have embroidered features but the eyes were always done in the shape of cross, to repel evil.
The small family(Mama,papa, and baby) and the angel were the ones I did in the workshop. The fabric is folded and held in place by thread , no sewing is done. Of course this was my first effort so it looks messy, The "boobs" have a meaning too ....larger is wealth and small is poor, and 2 different sizes mean lots of children! I guess my woman is wealthy!!VBG.
The tiny one is a necklace. The teacher was wearing a necklace with several dolls attatched.

How I spent my Birthday

I spent the day with a russian dollmaker, learning to make the traditional Russian dolls. When the workshop was over I presented the teacher with one of my "Budddies" doll pins. She was so surprised.. Since I don't speak Russian, I didn't know exactly what she said but her smile and a hug said it all. It is a terrible picture of me!!!!... The end of the day and the hair was a mess, but Leanne is wearing the pin... and that was the purpose of the picture. Made me happy.
One of our local quilt shops invited the russian quilters/dollmakers (about 20 I think)for a week long event. Their quilts and dolls were on display and there were workshops going on all week, The teachers didn't speak english so interpreters were provided. No cameras were allowed in the main displays, .
I wish you could have seen the quilts. They were magnificent. This event drew busloads from as far away as California.The little town of Ailsa Craig hosted the event (population 900) It was a lark.
Anyway when I got home my DH had my wine glass chilled and I looked forward to putting my feet up!
I treated myself to a pair of Russian Dolls, and I also bought a sterling silver thimble and Thimble holder..(Pictures will follow to-morrow)So that was my present to me!! DH and I were at a gallery opening last Sunday and I fell in love with a small beaded doll mounted in a frame. That was his gift to me.
I must remember to get a picture of that too.
So there.... A perfectly wonderful day.