Friday, May 27, 2011

CATCHING UP With This and That

Hello Dear Followers,
Thank you very much for all the good thoughts and prayers you have sent.
Never doubt the power of prayer.
Things are getting better here.
Had a good report from my dentist.... The lump inside my cheek has gone.....I am so thankful for that.
My DH's condition has not yet been solved as he only had his tests to-day with more pending. But he is feeling more comfortable in spite of the miserable headaches that will not go away.
Let's hope that can be solved.
I got a new camera, and am still trying to understand it!!!!! I really like it and am quite sure it will give me hours of pleasure.........EVENTUALLY!   VBG  P.S.......I got accident insurance on it!! I think with my past history it was a good idea!
I did manage to finally get my Healing Spirits Photographed and listed in my Etsy shop.I have lots more things to list but it all takes time which seems to be at a premium right now.
I have been involved in our major  quilt show  in Canada. Every year it is located in a different part of Canada and this time it is in London Ontario. It is wonderful to have itso close to home and I have been busy volunteering in the different areas.
To-morrow I will spend the day as a teacher's assistant, so I am really looking forward to that. Hope to have pictures to share.
I was out with my friends on Wed. to take in another quilt show called Quilts of the Netherlands..The little town of Ailsa Craig, Ontario swells with excitement when each year we have had visiting quilters from various parts of the world. This year was exceptional and was well attended by bus loads of excited people anxious to see everything.
I have had to be up very early every morning and for someone that isn't a "morning Person" it is not a welcome event! VBG
So... I better go grab some ZZZZZZ's so I can be fresh for another busy day...
Stay tuned as eventually I should have some nice pictures for you to see.
Thanks again for being there for me..

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Saga Continues

Hello dear friends.
Thought I had better catch up a bit.
Seems I am still under a cloud... not to speak of all the rain we have had.
As if all my computer problems isn't enough, here is the latest!
My DH had a mini stroke on Monday and I had to call 911. He is a bit better now awaiting some test to be done at the hospital next week.He has been the victim of cluster migraines for over a year and they cannot seem to help him. He is such a seetheart and never complains.I really hope they can help him.
I was at the dentist for a cleaning and asked about a little thing on the inside of my cheek. The dentist thought it looked like a little blood blister, I am having it checked again to-morrow and I may have to have a biopsy
At least that way I know one way or another if it is not to be worried about.
And if that isn't enought to drive my muse away, I dropped my camera and it is now toast! Guess I will get another when I am in town to-morrow.
I wonder what my horoscope has to say ! Maybe I don't want to know.....sigh...
I will keep you posted but in the meantime a few good thoughts and prayers would be so appreciated.
Big hugs all around..

Friday, May 13, 2011

I'm Back and Dancing!

Hello Dear Followers and readers.
I cannot believe how much time I have spent trying to get into my blog...
To-day is Friday the 13th and I got in.... Lucky day for me! Let's do the happy dance...
I still am having computer problems , and doubt I can get them solved until next week so please don't give up on me!
I love you all

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I may as well be riding THIS horse.... since I am not getting anywhere ....
 I finally got my computer back for the second time and what a mess.
They re-installed my Windows XP... fine... but now I cannot find my pictures... all my pictures are nowhere to be found, and that is just one problem. My emails numbered 11,000 until the server finally stopped those.I could go on and on, but I won't.
I just wanted all my faithful followers to know it seems it will be awhile before I can update my Etsy Shop, or share any of my fun times with you.Lets hope I can get the answers soon.
Thanks to The Graphics Fairy  I managed to find this adorable picture that fit the bill!

Saturday, May 7, 2011



Hi everyone,
I am still without my computer ! I am using my DH's for now when I can. He is always busy with his geniology!!
I just spent 2 days with a wonderful group of ladies taking a doll making workshop with Dollmaker Colleen Babcock from England . I can hardly wait to show you the doll and pictures of all the fun we had. I can't post my pictures from this computer so I guess it will happen later rather than sooner.
Hopefully I can catch up next week so don't be discouraged.... SOON I hope.
Til then... happy creating

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Hello everyone
I am having PC problems so I will be awhile getting my machine out of the computer hospital,,
Hope to see you real soon