Friday, March 23, 2012

I'm Still Here

 Everything old is new again! The "Raggedy Ann & Andy" dolls never seem to disappear. I have not made any since about 1999, and now I have orders for them. I was all set to deliver this pair and was thinking "Ann" was missing something???.....Oh My Goodness... It was her panties!!! It would have been ME that would have been embarrased had she arrived minus the undies! She is now wearing some and we both feel better.. Andy said nothing.... he just smiled!
This is Angelbelle in a patriotic mood...I had fun working with her. She wasn't sure about the flag fabric for her ensemble, but once she got it on she liked it! She will be delivered this week as well.
I must say I so enjoy working on the dolls...Someone to talk to when you are alone in the studio;-)
These are classics but I have some art dolls in mind so stay tuned.

I had to take 3 days off as I was removing wallpaper from one of my bathrooms and I am still here to tell the tale!
 The only room in the house that had wallpaper.....THANK GOODNESS!!! Had I known what a job this was going to be I would have hired someone, but in my mind I thought how hard could this be! SURPRISE! First of all they should take the word dry-stripable off the package! second of all wall paper should be BANNED!
I cannot tell you how painful my arms and legs are....up and down the ladder and then all the arm action...
I think I am too old for this hard labour! However in spite of it all I finished to-day and am so happy to be rid of the old look... can't wait to  get some new accents.
That is the only major job I had on my list so I am hoping I can get lost in my studio for some good times...
I might add I will have a surprise for my followers in the near future....
Thanks for stopping by, I love reading your notes, It makes me happy...

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Hello Dear Friends
Hope Your day is fun filled.
I have been so busy and will share some things with you soon.