Friday, September 28, 2007

"Tobin" the Forest Nymph

Tobin wanders the forest keeping all in his path green. He is a delightful little chap and feels very dapper in his wool waistcoat with bead embellishment. Underneath he wears a special shirt made from thread lace, made by his friend the Wood Nymph.He is friend to all and brings happiness where ever he goes.

Fairy Godmother

Here she is ready to watch over you, After trying on several scarves, she decided to wear her mink collar and cuffs. She really is style conscious!
Here is her story

welcome....welcome !!

Your fairy godmother has arrived.
She would have been here sooner but
she forgot your address.
She also needs a name
as she just experienced a brain fart and
can’t remember what she is called!
She may look aged and tired but never fear...
Her years only add to her experience.
She likes to nap when she can so
she is fresh when duty calls.
she tries to fit in by being fashion conscious
the magic wand has just been reconditioned.
it’s all ready for any upcoming challenge.
be gentle...if you need her help, guidance,
or advice, just rub her tummy and she will
awake...refreshed and ready for you.
if you are quiet & listen you may catch her
reminiscing about her adventures.

Let's Have a Cuppa!

Here is the latest thing I have been doing.
Something to keep your hands comfy while holding that paper cuppa coofee/tea..
They are such fun. I will have them in my Etsy shop next week , as these are going to be for sale at my Studio Tour,, LOL
Stay tuned for other Items to show!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Bead Challenge Winner

beadsbead challengebead challengebeadingserious beadingbeads and teabeading winner

The lighthouse scene was the well deserved winner. The detail was fabulous.

My piece entitled "Hey Sailor", had an honorable part in the challenge and it was fun participating.The poem was written by Marzie, one of the gals that owns the Bead Shop(4 Sirious Beaders)

Here is her poem....

"Amidst the mighty crush of ocean waves that pound the rocky cliffs
And lunge and tear at it's prehistoric face
Little minnows play."

It was a cool day and the event was held in the garden at the bead shop. Along with tea, coffee and goodies, were vendors selling their wares... The first picture at the top is of a caster bean plant. It is an annual and was started from a seed. I couldn't get over the size of the leaves!!!! I gotta try growing one of those!!

A good time was had by all..



Silk Purse Swap

I just finished the silk purse for a swap online(Fibre Art Trtaders on Yahoo)

The swaps are a lot of fun, unfortunately I don't get to do a lot of them due to other commitments. This one caused me a bit of grief as I couldn't find my silk stash!!!! Do I have toooooo much fabric??

You betcha VBG Anyway now that I have found my silk I can get on with my BJP now!!!! Never a dull moment here!



Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wedding Anniversary

Here we are, the happy couple starting a life to-gether....September 11, 1954.... 53 years ago.
Oh my ,,,,,,,,we look so young! Funny thing we haven't changed..... in our heads anyway.VBG
The little Anglican church where we were married has since been torn down.... I guess not everything lasts forever, Thank heavens we have!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"Madam Flutterby"

This piece was on display in an art gallery featuring fibre artists. I just got it back so though I would share it with you.
It was an enjoyable experience beading this one,,, that is once I got the shape correct!!!
I looked at so many butterflies online trying to decide on a shape!!! Do you know how many varieties, shapes, and sizes of butterflies there are?? Wow!!! totally interesting.... I got engrossed there for a couple of hours!
I just love wearing her and she always starts up a conversation... She is a very "social" girl!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Pin Dolls

These are some pin dolls I have been working on for the Studio Tour I am taking part in at the end of the month.
I really have had fun making these and would like to continue, but I must get busy and finish a few other things.
Every day a new experience!!

Hey Sailor!...... Bead Challenge

I finally got a fish done to add to my mermaid challenge.

This is the second one I have done. It certainly turned out better than the 1st one which looked like the "bait" rather than a fish VBG.
I love the title.... "Hey Sailor"....... Makes me smile.
It was a fun challenge but setting up the mermaid wasn't easy since the whole thing had to fit into a regular size brown bag. The big shell I was going to sit her in was just too big. I ended up putting her on a wooden base painted black , with a dowel inserted to prop her against.Covered it with a luscious green metallic fabric, and placed 3 shells on it so I would have someplace to put the fish. This piece did not come easy and I really wasn't
all that happy with the beading but I didn't have time to change it.....c'est la vie..... I guess she had a mind of her own!!!
The judging is next Saturday, Sept 15/07 so will get some pictures of all the entries to show you.
Stay tuned

Monday, September 3, 2007

June Bead Journal Project

Finally getting around to posting a picture of my BJP for June.
Had trouble getting a theme going . I was humming this song one day and the lightening bolt struck!!!.......Song Titles....
As you probably have guessed this one is "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"...bluebirds fly...etc....
The beading along the one side will be on each of the 12 pieces. Gives me a place to join them all to-gether.
I will be making a nice cover to house them in at the end.
I have July and August in the works so stay tuned :0)

Pin Doll Swap#3

Here is my third doll pin for the swap.. The colors are not showing true in the picture. The face is an atiqued teal, and the beads are multi colored with shades of teal/blue/burgundy and iris. I think the color is called dark blue iris.... then I used silver beads as an accent and silver charms complete the picture.
These have been so much fun, I will do more but first i better get back to my BJP.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Bead Challenge

Hi Eveyone..
Here is the latest challenge I have been working on. I will fill you in on details when I have the finished piece done.
Have a great day

Pin Doll Swap#2

Hi Everone.... Happy Labour Day....
I'm not involved in anything special this week-end. The weather is beautiful and sunny and I will take it all in later when I go for a walk.
Meanwhile I am happily working in my studio with my beads to-day.
Just finished a second pin doll. I tried to do something different and really like the way this one turned out. After I got the face done I tried to visualize what beads would be suitable....
After MANY auditions!!!! I found I had a delica assortment called "salt&pepper" PUUURFECTTT!
So there you have it!! I will try to get one more pin doll done but can't promise as I have another challenge to finish up this week. Stay tuned.
Big Hugs to all..