Friday, July 18, 2008

Embellished Postcards.

These two cards were made for a trade with my Fibre Art Traders group on Yahoo. The pink one is titled"Queen Rules" and the fish one is one of my favorites.....I love this subject.. Maybe I was a mermaid in another life..:-}

There is something that facinates me about seeing a picture of a single piece of fruit.. These I did with my needle felting machine .....I love the black and white background.

This picture inspired me and here is my interpretation. I was very pleased with how it turned out. I used my embellisher machine to needle punch the base colors of the sky and the earth, then I free motioned with threads the trees and then added more wool rovings on the trees and needle punched those areas with my embellisher.

Dyeing To Have Fun.

I was wanting to do some more hand dyed fabric and this was such a fun day.

This particular piece looks like a face , at least I thought so!

This assortment was in greens. I do a lot of applique and these pieces are perfect for leaves and stems. The color doesn't really show up here very well but it is a pretty mossy green.

The fabric is put in plastic bags with the dye and then laid in the sun to begin the curing process.

Here we are playing!!!!

The dyes which are in powder form are mixed in an area by themselves since each speck of dye is VERY powerful. Gloves and masks are essential when mixing up the colors.

Here are the basic colors. and then differenty colors are mixed to-gether to get other colors...

Here we are getting started.....

I'm the one wearing the mask and the yellow gloves!! heh heh...

A good time was had by all.