Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More Cards and Beads

This is a necklace I just finished.
When I bought the beads I thought I got #11's
BUT I picked up #15's by mistake which are a lot smaller!
It meant it took longer to bead...sigh..
The silver beads in the rope are #13 charlottes... very small too but oh so pretty as they have one flat side which reflects the light and sparkles!!!! You all know how I LOVE sparkle! VBG

The postcard is another felted one using the wool rovings. I tried to express a feeling of Spring, and titled it "Springtime" Note the wee bird's nest in the tree on the left with blue eggs....The flowers along the path are dandelions... Usually one of the first flowers to raise their heads when the snow is gone and the robins are singing