Thursday, March 25, 2010


I enjoyed doing this card. I call it "The Dunes"

This is For You Phyllis King

Hi Phyllis.

Re your email about the art doll faces....

Here is a picture of the art doll faces I have on hand.

Some are painted and some are not. Give me an idea of which ones you like and email me..


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More Cards and Beads

This is a necklace I just finished.
When I bought the beads I thought I got #11's
BUT I picked up #15's by mistake which are a lot smaller!
It meant it took longer to bead...sigh..
The silver beads in the rope are #13 charlottes... very small too but oh so pretty as they have one flat side which reflects the light and sparkles!!!! You all know how I LOVE sparkle! VBG

The postcard is another felted one using the wool rovings. I tried to express a feeling of Spring, and titled it "Springtime" Note the wee bird's nest in the tree on the left with blue eggs....The flowers along the path are dandelions... Usually one of the first flowers to raise their heads when the snow is gone and the robins are singing

Friday, March 19, 2010

Ramblings and Updates

Hi everyone..

Well lots going on around here.. Some good , some not so good!!!

DH had his pacemaker replaced(4th time..... he now has Wing Commander Stripes!)

That went well.but..... this morning he went out to the garage and after awhile I heard what I thought was hammering? I decided to go see what he was up to.... he was not"up" he was down on the floor and couldn't get up. Door caught his slipper and tripped him and he went flying into my car! I was worried he might have pulled his stitches out... That part was OK.... He scraped his elbow, leg and the glasses cut his nose before they went flying!! Can you stand it!!!

He is OK now and has gone off shopping and to gas up my car.... I hesitated to let him go but he said he was OK... Fingers crossed.

MY...dilema was another nosebleed lastnight. I finally got it stopped but my nose feels one inch longer from pinching.YIKES! I was worried as the last one I had DH had to call 911 as I couldn't get it to stop! Thank goodness no rides in the big white truck with the flashing lights was needed! ha!!!!

Now a happy bit of news....

I thought I would show you my latest rug hooking effort...This one took awhile and I was not too pleased with the drawing so I changed it here and there.This was my 3rd large piece and I hope I am improving!

Right now I am learning to shade and my project is "iris" I will show it when I am done.
I am also working on a coup;e of beading pieces... Stay tuned..
It is a lovely mild sunny day and I hope to go for a walk..

toodles for now

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Spring must be on the way, the "Snowdrops" are up..... so delicate and so beautiful. Hello dear friends... I have not posted for quite awhile but I HAVE been busy!
Here are some pictures of my activities and I hope you enjoy seeing them..

I am involved in the Yahoo group "Postcard Mail Art" These cards were made for a recent trade. The purple one is oriental called "Happiness" The green ones are for St Patrick's Day, and each has a 4-leaf clover charm attatched.
The mystery card is one I am just working on using the wool rovings.. Not done yet... can you tel! VBG

The bag I made for a friend. We do traditional rug hooking to-gether and she needed a bag to carry her "stuff" I surprised her with this one for her birthday.

I finished the alphabet quilt I was making for a dear little girl that lives next door. I also made her a "Raggedy Ann" doll.. every little girl should have one...... It was for her first birthday... and here she is...."Grace" isn't she darling. I had the pleasure of keeping her one day and it sure brought back memories of how active they can be.... whew!

Well That's all for now... Stay tuned I have some other things tyo show once I get pictures...
Thanks for stopping by..