Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Woops I got Side-Tracked

The storm finally passed and we have a lovely sunny day. I was washing the bed linens and decided it was a great day to hang it outside..
When I went out on the deck I discovered it had a lot of snow, so decided i better sweep it off. As I proceeded I realized the snow was very heavy.... light bulb went on......Yep.... build a snowman... Well I hadn't done that for many years but hey, the kid in me wanted I went back inside to get my mitts and coat and boots..... I left the glass door open as I knew I was going right back out.....

I was so excited!!!! yep..... gonna build a snowman..... won't DH be surprised when he gets home!!! So I looked up my favorite baseball cap.... oneBeaded with sequins.. of course!!;-)...(remember my motto is "Life's Short....Wear Sequins") a scarf, twigs, bottle caps for the features and a carrot for the nose.... Gee whiz, I was so excited I took a bite off the carrot!! Oh well so he has a stubby nose hee hee.....We're all set..... Out we go..... but hey..... listen ... you haven't heard the best part yet!!

I took off out the door and yep, you guessed it. I forgot to open the screen! Splat....the screen went flying and I did too. Is someone trying to tell me I am tooooooo old for all this excitement!?!
I was not discouraged.... if my friend Tammy can make snow angels in her PJ's surely I can pull this caper off!!
So as you can see by the picture I did succeed and not only built a snowman but made another memory to make me smile....
Oh and yes..... won't DH be glad I have another request on the "Honey-Do List"
Now I will go hang out the laundry!


This is Kathleen's quilt that inspired me.Isn't it gorgeous!

I had the pleasure of taking a workshop with Kathleen Bissett last Saturday. Kathleen is an
International quilting teacher and is particularly well known for her "Leaves"
The workshop was so much fun and I nearly finished my quilt which is not something I usually do in a class. This one was so much fun. Layering leaves and then tulle netting 2 or 3 times and on the final layer 3 dimentional leaves were made and scrunched, then tacked in place with matching thread. You can see Kathy's quilts on the wall and see some of the students working on their quilt.Hope you enjoy the pictures and be sure and take a peek at Kathleen's work.