Sunday, October 28, 2007

Needle Felted Teddy

I took workshop on needle felting and this is what I came up with.
The bears didn't feel a thing while I was stabbing away , but I am here to tell you my fingers did. Had a few good hits on myself until I learned the knack!!!
I had a good time doing it and then I dressed the one in my FAVE!! Leopard print. sparkly beads and gold!!! Remember I call my place "Magpie's " fot the love of shiny objects!!!! VBG

Friday, October 26, 2007

Sleeping Beauty

Here is the latest Goddess Doll I beaded. Finished her last night. Her name is Sleeping Beauty and is 3" tall.I just love teenie things, but I think the smaller it is the harder it is. OMG I even had to break out the curved needle which I hate using, but a necessary evil at times.

Post Card Trade

Here is the wonderful post card I received from Monica Magness.
Isn't it a blast!!!! Thanks so much Monica for trading.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Thread Painting

I fell in love with a photograph that Tammy Lang had on her blog. Tammy has some lovely pictures there so be sure and take a peek.
Anyway I went ahead and did a thread painting of the one i really liked. I did a sketch and roughly painted it with fabric paint. The next step was to put it in a hoop with a stabilizer backing..... and then just go nuts with the thread....
I haven't done this for awhile so I felt a bit rusty, but I like the results.
When I got it finished I made it into a fabric post card....

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Crazy Patch Workshop

crazy quiltingcrazy quilts

crazy quilt class

I have wanted to learn crazy patch quilting for such a long time, and the opportunity finally arrived. I took a picture of our teacher, Carol McLean explaining some of the history of the craft.Carol has taught all over the world including Australia and Hawaii, so it is an honor to be in one of her classes.

Carol is of Mennonite descent, and has wonderful stories and quilts to share. She is one of my "Mellow Yellow" quilting group as well. We make quilts for auction, supporting breast cancer research. But that's another story I will share at a later date..
Meanwhile back at the ranch!!!

The class project was a round cushion, and I have posted a picture of my beginning, along with the sampler of stitches we worked on in the workshop.
I have been saving all kinds of silks and velvets for the project, Oh what fun! and of course when all is said and done I will embellish with BEADS!!!
Stay tuned....

Friday, October 19, 2007

Russian Doll Necklace

This is the russian doll necklace . It is only abouty 1 1/2" tall. So tiny and sweet. Wearing this will surely remind me of the lovely time I had that day, learning all about these Russian traditional dollies.

Russian Dolls

The large dolls are the ones I bought. Aren't they unique! The history of the dolls is so interesting, The earliest ones had no features since the belief was evil could enter through the eyes, Later on some did have embroidered features but the eyes were always done in the shape of cross, to repel evil.
The small family(Mama,papa, and baby) and the angel were the ones I did in the workshop. The fabric is folded and held in place by thread , no sewing is done. Of course this was my first effort so it looks messy, The "boobs" have a meaning too ....larger is wealth and small is poor, and 2 different sizes mean lots of children! I guess my woman is wealthy!!VBG.
The tiny one is a necklace. The teacher was wearing a necklace with several dolls attatched.

How I spent my Birthday

I spent the day with a russian dollmaker, learning to make the traditional Russian dolls. When the workshop was over I presented the teacher with one of my "Budddies" doll pins. She was so surprised.. Since I don't speak Russian, I didn't know exactly what she said but her smile and a hug said it all. It is a terrible picture of me!!!!... The end of the day and the hair was a mess, but Leanne is wearing the pin... and that was the purpose of the picture. Made me happy.
One of our local quilt shops invited the russian quilters/dollmakers (about 20 I think)for a week long event. Their quilts and dolls were on display and there were workshops going on all week, The teachers didn't speak english so interpreters were provided. No cameras were allowed in the main displays, .
I wish you could have seen the quilts. They were magnificent. This event drew busloads from as far away as California.The little town of Ailsa Craig hosted the event (population 900) It was a lark.
Anyway when I got home my DH had my wine glass chilled and I looked forward to putting my feet up!
I treated myself to a pair of Russian Dolls, and I also bought a sterling silver thimble and Thimble holder..(Pictures will follow to-morrow)So that was my present to me!! DH and I were at a gallery opening last Sunday and I fell in love with a small beaded doll mounted in a frame. That was his gift to me.
I must remember to get a picture of that too.
So there.... A perfectly wonderful day.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Prayer Pillow

Aren't these the cutest!
I signed up to trade some of these Prayer Pillows with one of my online groups(Fibre Art Traders on Yahoo)
The have a prayer or wish written on paper and sewn into the little pillow along with a bit of fibrefil. The one at the very top is not eligible since I tucked in a sprig of the herb Mugwort which signifies "Protection" Apparently when sending things out of the country you can't include any form of plant life.. Gee You are never too old to learn something new every day.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Every Day a New Experience!!!

I never fail to amuse myself!!
I was surfing around and came upon How to make a "Slide Show"
Thought I would do one for myself. These are all dolls that I have made and are now in private collections.

Check out my Slide Show!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sweet Dreams

Here are the fur babies, sound asleep on their quilts that Gramma made for them. Their name is appliqued on each one. I have better pictures somewhere!!!!but I think they are regular snapshots before I got my digital.... Will look for them later.... anyway aren't they just sweet grabbing some Zzzzzzzzzzzz's

Friday, October 12, 2007

Here Kitty Kitty

These are my daughter's cats. Bijou is the black one and Autumn is the fluffy one.These are her fur babies and the only grandchildren I will get from her!!
My daughter is on my list as Blumoon Art... Take a peek if you have time, she is a wonderful artist.
Anyway back to the fur babies.... I visited Deborah in Calgary Alberta a couple of years ago and took each of them a quilt.I have pictures somewhere but I can't find them!!! Later for those I guess!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Posr Card Swap.

I am participating in a post card swap with Monica Magness.. The one stipulation was it must have some hand stitching on it.
you can read about it on Monica's blog.... here....

I call my card "Blessings"
It is stencilled with hand embroiderey.

Little Women

This is a new series of dolls I am doing called LITTLE WOMEN. They are 5 1/2" tall and are free standing stump bodies.The faces are my own hand molded in clay.These are really a pleasure to work on and each one has it's own story to tell.I often find myself talking to them and asking them if they approve of the apparel I am draping them with..... Is that a symptom?????
This one is called "Put a Geranium In Your Hat and Be Happy"
Yours to enjoy.
Note.... these dolls will be available on my Etsy Shop soon.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Losing It?

I don't know about you , but I have the worst time findng things. I'm in love with my scissor fobs... They have kept my scissors in view all the way through a project..
Something new for me.
I find great pleasure in looking at the lovely colors in the glass beads, and the wee cushion is a handy spot to stick a pin or two and the needle when you aren't using it.
Just another neat gift idea you can find in my Etsy Shop.

Busy Times

September is here and with it comes "Busy Times" Everything I belong to and am associated with all begins after a relaxing summer break. I say relaxing.... NOT!
When one enjoys the arts and also supplies stores and my Etsy online store there is no break. Art marches on, and I love it. A day without creating is like a day without sunshine.
I have been busy making my beaded art dolls, along with cloth dolls, scissor fobs, art doll pins and trying to catch up with my Beaded Art Project...
I love doing it all I just wish that a 48 hour day could be invented!!VBG
Here are some pictures of what I have been doing.
The orange beaded art doll is sporting one of my own faces with an orange finish. The idea of this one was to be a hand mirror. It fits your hand perfectly and when you turn it over it has a mirror beaded into it. I will be selling thid on my ETSY shop as soon as I list her,
You can go here
Meanwhile back to the drawing board.
Have a great day