Monday, October 8, 2007

Losing It?

I don't know about you , but I have the worst time findng things. I'm in love with my scissor fobs... They have kept my scissors in view all the way through a project..
Something new for me.
I find great pleasure in looking at the lovely colors in the glass beads, and the wee cushion is a handy spot to stick a pin or two and the needle when you aren't using it.
Just another neat gift idea you can find in my Etsy Shop.


tammy lang said...

hey magpie
these are womderful!!!!
love the beads~VBG and the way you added the little quilted pin cushion at the end!! oh i hope will know how to sew in my next life:)

Maggie R said...

Thanks Tammy
You are young my dear... Lots of time to learn to sew!!
Start Manifesting!!VBG