Monday, January 24, 2011

Old Fashion Sewing Bee

Once in awhile some of my quilting friends get to-gether and have a good old fashioned quilting bee.
We just bring something to quilt and have a wonderful time exchanging stories and ideas and just generally enjoy the friendship. We enjoyed a wonderful pot luck luncheon. Sorry I guess I got caught up in that moment and forgot to take pictures of the tasty dishes we had..
Take my word for it everything we had was so delicious..... including salads,scalloped potatoes,shrimp, meatballs, spareribs , chicken legs in a wonderful sauce. croissants,chocolate cake, date squares, chocolates, whew!!!! needed a nice cup of tea to go along with all of this to end the meal...
The wee dog in the blue covered chair is "Cricket" a miniature Schnauzer. What a character, once everyone arrived she settled down and spent the day searching for crumbs or napping!