Friday, February 25, 2011

I LOVE Old Men

Years ago I studied oil painting. I liked oils because of their slow drying character. If I wanted to change something I had the time.
I really enjoyed portraiture and studied with a well known artist in western Canada by the name of David Johnston.
My favorite subjects were old men wearing hats. Apart from having live models I often turned to National Geographic for some interesting subjects.Hands were always a challenge but enjoyable to try.
I also had a period of time when I studied different Indian Chiefs... If my memory serves me I think this one is "Poundmaker" Must look that up to verify...
I have not formally painted for a long time but I am getting the urge again.
I think I would like to resume my watercolors. I found this medium a big challenge but it is less messy than oils.I still have all my tubes of watercolors so maybe I will just do that.
I thought you might enjoy seeing a few of the paintings I have kept. Most of my work is in private collection.
Thanks for stopping by.