Sunday, June 22, 2008

"Passion Continued"

Aren't these a nice shape for a tote??!! Perfect for that shopping spree coming up.. Not too too big, but large enough to carry your personal needs as well as some parcels. All my bags include a generous inside pocket or two and a cell phone pocket... Couldn't forget that now Could I!
I have some others to show you but they are for my Mellow Yellow gal pals. We are off to a retreat and we give each other goodie bags full of all kinds of fun things.... One of my treat is..ahem.... don't tell.... (shhhhh...... )

Another Passion of Mine

I Just "LOVE" bags and am always trying new designs, I especially like this style as it has a drawstring enclosure at the top. Perfect for keeping everything safe inside.

More Fun

I love making Journal Covers and these are a couple of my latest. Underwater Theme was done with my Baby Lock Embellisher, and the other two were done on my Baby Lock Machine that has an embroidery unit. I just Love both of these machines, they give me many hours of enjoyment and HEY!!!! isn't that what creativity is all about!! ;-} So please excuse me while I get back to "enjoying" myself ;-}

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fairy Shoes

This is my latest beading project. I wanted some special shoes for a fairy doll I am working on... Aren't they just the "Cutest' ;-}
The gals over at Fibre Art Traders had this as one of their fun trades. I wasn't able to take part at the time but was itching to make them and I finally did!!
I used ultra suede for the shoe. When I finished the beading the threads showed so I ended up lining them with the same ultrasuede. Small things take LONG time as they are so fiddly.(is that a word??!! ;-}

An Enjoyable Afternoon Cont'd

Carol Miller is the one in the white skirt receiving honors for "Her Dream"

These are the different locations where all the quilts will be auctioned. As you can see it goes from coast to coast...Victoria British Columbia, Kamloops British Columbia, Stratford Ontario, Toronto Ontario, and Halifax Nova Scotia.

This particular quilt caught my eye. It is all "yo-yo's"
I have been making yo-yo's since 1971!!!! I now have over 2000 and am working on putting them together in a quilt! stay tuned ;-}

Isn't this one pretty.It's called a stack and wack, and the blocks are all different depending on how you cut the fabric... Fascinating.

Love the butterflies...... Very old design.

A lot of work in this one for sure!

Here's Karen , one of "The Mellows" admiring the work. Karen has a long arm quilting business.

I thought this one really hit the nail on the head with the breast cancer logo.. Bet it brings in a lot of money.
I might add, The Mellow Yellow quilt is not in this group of quilts. Ours is in a group of quilts on tour right now thanks to the Lazy Boy Furniture company. They are a big supporter and always donate a lazyboy chair as one of the door prizes at the Auction. Once the tour is over it will be located at Cassaloma in Toronto, Ontario, Canada to be auctioned there. There are different locations of auctions and one of the pictures tells that story..
Hope you enjoyed seeing the quilts.

An Enjoyable Afternoon

I wanted to share something very dear to my heart called "The Quilt"
(Take a tour of the link to see what it is all about.)
The Quilt is an annual event and the purpose is to raise money for the support of those with cancer.
Every Fall there is an auction of quilts which have been donated by quilters far and wide across the country.
It all began 10 years ago by a cancer survivor herself Carol Miller. It was a dream that grew beyond belief.
The first year brought in 165 quilts. This year the count is over 400 quilts. What a response !!!! To date 1.5 million $$$$$ has been raised.
On this particular day donors were invited to attend a reception and sneak preview of some of the quilts up for auction. I am one of a group of 4 quilters that call ourselves "The Mellow Yellows". For the past 10 years we have donated a quilt which we work on to-gether. It is a very rewarding feeling to know you are helping in some small way. Last year our quilt brought in $1500.00. We were so thrilled!!!
If you go to my webpage and look under you can see the 4 of us and some of the quilts we have donated..
Here are some pictures of the quilts we viewed this day and and everyone enjoying the refreshments. There are only 3 of us here to-day as the 4th Mellow was in Newfoundland teaching at a quilt conference.
Hope you enjoy the tour.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Hello Everyone....
Here I am at last after being away for too long...
Thank you to each of you for your kind words and prayers during my horrible ordeal. I cannot tell you how much it meant to me to know I have so many wonderful friends out there in cyberspace rooting for me..
I am happy to report that I am feeling better. I am now on insulin which is controling my diabetes nicely and I am being weaned off the Prednisone . This can't happen quickly enough to suit me. It has so many terrible side effects, but I am learning "patience" ;-}
Meanwhile I have gotten so far behind in all I do, so I am trying to catch up.
I should have some interesting things for you to see real soon. I promise.
Once again I send great big hugs to each of you for your thoughtfulness