Sunday, June 22, 2008

More Fun

I love making Journal Covers and these are a couple of my latest. Underwater Theme was done with my Baby Lock Embellisher, and the other two were done on my Baby Lock Machine that has an embroidery unit. I just Love both of these machines, they give me many hours of enjoyment and HEY!!!! isn't that what creativity is all about!! ;-} So please excuse me while I get back to "enjoying" myself ;-}


Anonymous said...

....what a great idea to use our Embellisher machines! What kind of machine does your embroidery?It's great, too!
Love those fishes......!

Maggie R said...

Yes Lot of fun . My Embroidery machine takes the memory cards, so if I want to do "Trees" I plug in that memory card etc... Very easy , you just do something else while it works away :-}

Jackie said...

Gorgeous journal covers Maggie. I love them.

Pat Winter said...

Enjoy away!!!! Looks like you are having too much fun. Perhaps I need to join you! :-)....I wish!