Saturday, September 24, 2011

Messenger Bag How To

first of all I can't seem to flip the picture! This new camera is a pill sometimes VBG
Anyway.... This is all you need to make a Messenger Bag... No pattern required...
This  happens to be my choice of size but you can make any size you want.I put the measurements I use on the little notes.
This is a lovely red wool and I thought I would do some applique on the flap. I will embellish it a bit more when I get it to-gether.
The lining is cut out the same way and I use a lightweight Pelletex  that I get from Joggles to give it a nice sturdy quality.
The Messenger Bag has so many possibilities. With the flap you can do so many things. Crazy pieceing would be nice too... Maybe I will try that.
Tell me what you think


Hello everyone,
I had the BEST day yesterday..... Here's the story...
Last year I attended a Traditiional Rug Hooking Retreat. They offered 2 classes  and I chose to do a mermaid. Took me awhile to finish it but I was excited to try some different fibres rather than the usual wool. The hair is strips of sari silk and the fish part of the body is done with metallics some with little sequins embedded in the weave... You know what I mean I'm sure... These are regular fabrics one would use for sewing projects with. I cut the fabric into 3/4 Inch strips for hooking this piece. Anyway I thought it was absolutely perfect as it looked like fish scales. Not so much though in the picture, but trust me,,, it does.
When I got the piece done and it took quite awhile I thought hmmmmm...... this would make a great bag flap, so .... since the studio tour is coming up I thought this would be a great piece to display.... so I got busy...
I just made a simple messenger bag design , found some fabric that worked and away I went.. Funny thing is the fabric I chose was one that I had purchased to use in my doll bags for their hair! It is a cinnamon color and it looks like wool stippled all over on a black background. PERFECT....The inside has 3 pockets including one for a cell phone and I always sew in one of my labels.... So there you have it....
I would love to hear what you think of it..
Thanks for stopping by

Monday, September 19, 2011

Great Giveaway

Look at this giveaway..... FABULOUS... Be sure and pop over to pinkleart,
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Friday, September 16, 2011

Progress To Date

Hello Dear friends.
So happy you stopped by. It always means a lot to know you are there.
I finally finished the jackets...One favours pink and the other purple. I know the twins will have fun wearing them. Under the little backpacks is more applique and a "Gone Fishing" sign.. LOL

THEN....... last Tuesday my friend Heather and I took a beading class at our favorite spot in Paris((Ontario, Canada that is!))
It is going to be a necklace,,,,or I thought it would make a fabulous purse handle on a special little opera bag.... we'll see when I feel it is long enough for one or the other...

Now I have to get busy and work on some things for  the Studio Tour.....
Oh Yes.. I forgot to tell you the opening of the  Art Gallery was a booming success. I will get pictures later as the place was packed with over 1000 in attendance.I was so excited to see my contribution in a glass case ...Was I excited or WHAT!.... Yes!
I guess you know I had a toenail removed on my big toe.... Unfortunately it developed an infection so I hobbled over to Emerge and waited 5 hours to be seen..... Doc gave me a prescription and off I went.. Next day after using the drug I developed a terrible itch all over my body.... so..... off to emerge this time it was 1:30 AM.. Not a car on the road and nobody in the emerge! YEAH.. I got in right away and the doc gave me an antihistomine for the itch and a new prescription!! I seem to be able to handle that one ok and as I bathed the foot this morning the toe looks a bit better.....What a worry especially since I am diabetic...Honestly....  as Maggie Muggins told Mr. McGregor in the Peter Rabbit Book..........I wonder what will happen to-morrow!!!! Guess we will just wait and see ;-)
so that's all for now...... Thanks again for stopping by...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

One Finished..One To Go

Goodmorning Dear Friends...
Well I am a bit groggy this AM as I was up quite late finishing this jacket. I was having a bit of trouble remembering how the backpack was constructed and after doing a few steps twice I got it done.... Worth every frustrating moment! The backpack is so sweet isn't it! It buttons on by the ears and the arms go through some of the rope fishing line. I forgot about that step (darn)and I had used all my rope...  I need to get more so the arms will have somewhere to hold on to.The jackets are made out of Kunin shaggy felt. It is a wonderful fabric, totally washable and so warm and cuddly. It has a soft nap to it.... Very hard to find I might add. I did find some on Ebay.
The jacket did not call for  any front closure but I have a jacket like that and it drives me nuts trying to keep it closed if it is windy, so..... I used some pink stretchy hair things for the loop and put buttons on. I think it looks cute and easy. I would have used a zipper but in my box of dozens I did not have the right length... Heard that one before?!?!?1
I took the first picture of the front and forgot to put the little fish pin on ... Woops I see I forgot to put it's bow tie on... Oh well.that is easily done...
Is this not the sweetest jacket ever!!!!! The twins will  look so sweet in them.They are 6 yrs old and just starting school this year.
This one is lined in pink and the one I am still working on is lined in Purple... because Emma likes purple and Haley likes pink....Hope to have them done and delivered soon.I should have the final update soon and hopefully I will get a picture of the girls wearing their jackets.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A New Month Begins

The leaves are changing their colors from green to beautiful shades of orange, red and gold...
Oh My!! where did the summer go?
The fall season is packed with obligations for me... All the guilds I belong to are starting up. It will be so nice to renew friendships.. Studio Tours, Gallery Openings  .. sigh....I love every hectic moment.
Right now I am trying to finish a pair of whimsical jackets for a darling set of twin girls age 6. They are the grandaughters of one of my special clients and I just love making things for them...
I am almost finished with the jackets and will show you  how cute they are ASAP.
Until then.... I hope your day is filled happiness and pleasure.
BTW I had the problem big toe nail removed last week. I was surprised how painless the procedure was even the needle used for freezing! However , I am still bathing and dressing it a few times a day and it is very sensitive.
I am stuck wearing the worst pair of sandals that allow my toe to be free!!!! Oh Dear!!! you know how it is with a girl and her shoes!!!! I hope I can wear something more fashionable this week but it doesn't look like it!Oh well....c'est la vie!!