Monday, February 16, 2009

This piece was done for a challenge. The subject was a "tree", so I decided to do a Family Tree. It took quite awhile to finish,as it stands 7" tall and is 100% beaded. The faces I did using clay and a commercial mold, and then they were painted and sealed.
I was just thinking I should have used picture faces of the family... oh well....too late....sigh!
I sell a lot of my pieces but this one I shall keep...
I thought I would show you something other than Postcards for a change!

this is what I was working on this afternoon titled "SUNRISE",,,,It is for another trade.. I never seem to be able to keep them..sigh...

As you already know I love making postcards. These are some postcards I did using fabric, lace, beads and sequins. i love the color purple.
The one with the animals I made using my embroidery machine. These represent some of the animals on Noah's Arc.
This one is going to a little 9 year old boy (in Wisconsin,USA) that is battling cancer, and keeps busy collecting postcards.
I hope he enjoys this one.
If you are interested in sending Connor a postcard email me for his address.The card can be a "normal" postcard and not necessarily a fabric one.