Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Latest Adventure

 The first of May a small town in Southern Ontario, Canada called Ailsa Craig hosts a different group of quilters from Across the big pond including Europe, The British Isles and different countries.
This year the quilters were from Denmark.
 They bring a quilt show with them for all to see and admire and they also teach some classes.
I took two classes, one with Charlotte Yye who is a master world quilter...
She taught Chiva Paintsticks and how to incorporate this work into a quilt.. Fabulous workshop.. unfortunately I forgot my camera that day ...darn! and since it was over an hour from home I did not bother to go get ...sigh.. Oh well I do have my samples which I will show at another time and the memories will last forever.
 This class I am showing you now was called Japanese Patchwork. Our teacher , Lisbet Borggreen was a delightful woman and had slides from the area where she lived.. Most interesting!
 I was absolutely intrigued with this idea and had to take the class. Each block has 9 finished pieces in it and depending on how you place them it gives you the design. The fun part is the back of your quilt has a different design than the front! not that cool!These are a few examples of the work

This is the front and back of my sample