Tuesday, May 19, 2009


All the pieces ,to-gether before I did the buttonhole stitch around the edge

Hi Everyone....
I am so happy to tell you I finished my puzzle pieces for Pat Winter.I have to get them to her before June 1st! Whew!!
She has a challenge going and I signed up to do it... To see more go here to see the Puzzles of Friendship.
It has been quite a stretch for me since I am not much of a crazy patch artist, however with Pat as my mentor I am learning.

Thanks Darling Daughter

Just a public thanks to my daughter Deborah AKA Blumoon at her blog. She built my website
Magpies Collectables and fixes my blog when I can't. She moved my followers back where they were and I am now HAPPY....Thanks dear one..... Mom Loves you..;-}