Monday, March 23, 2009

POSTCARD for another trade.
This time I tried to do some crazypatch.... Well it nearly drove ME crazy!
I really gotta practice more. I forgot to use some lace , maybe that would have made it better.....sigh!
Never mind I will practice and do better..... I will!

This was my first attempt at this art. I see in the big picture there are a few mistakes but HEY! it was my first attempt;-} With practice I will improve(Hopefully! ha)I am already working on a "Sheep" and I hope to be better....stay tuned.

I am jus a beginner but here
are the first two I have done.Both need to be bound so I can hang them up. The little guy holding the pumpkin was a pattern from the October issue of Rug Hooking Magazine.. Isn't he cute!!! The second one is called"The Washing of The Quilts" and was a complete kit I bought from
Deanne Fitzpatrick, a well known hooker from Nova Scotia Canada ..Her work is awesome. Hope you enjoyed seeing them. I have another ready to go but got sidetracked with a needlepunching project... I will show you that next time.
PS... after looking at my "Washing of The Quilts" I see I missed a wee bit....will fix that right now!!!