Monday, March 23, 2009

I am jus a beginner but here
are the first two I have done.Both need to be bound so I can hang them up. The little guy holding the pumpkin was a pattern from the October issue of Rug Hooking Magazine.. Isn't he cute!!! The second one is called"The Washing of The Quilts" and was a complete kit I bought from
Deanne Fitzpatrick, a well known hooker from Nova Scotia Canada ..Her work is awesome. Hope you enjoyed seeing them. I have another ready to go but got sidetracked with a needlepunching project... I will show you that next time.
PS... after looking at my "Washing of The Quilts" I see I missed a wee bit....will fix that right now!!!


pam said...

I love that washing of quilts. Do you ever put quilts like that out on a clothes line? My mom did last Thanksgiving, it was so pretty.

Sharon said...

I love the washing of the quilts. I see you are taking on and mastering more projects. You go girl. I love seeing all you do. Hope your weather has warmed up. We certainly have had a cold winter here. Sharon

Maggie R said...

Hi Pam and Sharon...
Thanks for visiting. Yes Pam I do hangf my quilts out on the line when I can..
I must take a picture sometime...
Yes Sharon.... tell me about a new technique and i'm on it like a duck on a bug!!
When I get these done i am going to learn tatting.....Yippee!!

Reflections of life and art said...

I remember doing rug hooking back int he 70's....I even did an abstract one of my own design in was a lot of fun too!
I see you are making up for the times you couldn't create....good for you Maggie!
Now when you learn tatting....please, please, help me....all I ever managed to do was circles.....I need a video or a good teacher...but no one around here teaches it...bummer!!


trisha too said...

these are amazing; is it difficult?

Pursuing Art... said...

Oh, Maggie...I LOVE the traditional rug hooking pieces too! I have always wanted to hook a rug. When I see a vintage one I choke on the price of them! They are so wonderful! I will have to check out Deanne Fitzpatrick's link!

I love both of these...they are each so charming. I think my favorite is the Washing of the Quilts! You did a fabulous job!!! Heirlooms in the making, Maggie! ~wink~

xo ~Lisa ;-)

chelsea said...

oh my gosh i used to rug hook or I called it "latch-hook" allll the time!!! LOVED it:) I wish I had the patience to do quilting and those sorts of things today!

purplepaint said...

Oh I love the quilts on the clothesline! That is really cool! That's something I've never tried before... hmmmm... :D