Monday, December 17, 2007


I notice everyone that blogs has either dogs or cats.... Well I DON'T!!!
Not my choice really as we did have an adorable scottie dog named Angus for 9 years. When we lost him I just didn't have the courage to go through that agian , although now I am wanting!!! Trying to convince DH it's a GOOD THING!! so far he has ignored my plea! SOOOOOOO..... I produced my own companions..... The two cats .. called Sleepy, and Dozy (Since that's all they do!)keep me company in my studio...They don't require much care, and they let me rest my head on them when I am reading!!! Such sweeties.....:-)
Then I have a bench full of teddy bears which I have made along the way..... They don't contribute much either except their ability to decorate.Benny the black one is a show-off and had to wear his reindeer antlers for the picture!!!


Hi everyone... I guess it's about time I added something new here.. I have been busy getting the house cleaning done and readying it for company. My DH puts up all the Christmas decorations. I just let him do his thing. One less activity for me!!and BTW I think he did a fine job :0)
We have BOXES of decorations from when we lived in the great big house. However since we downsized to a one floor abode which is an open concept, we don't have a lot of places to put things. I like how it looks.... cosy and Christmasy!!!!So here's some pictures to share...