Saturday, September 5, 2009

Miniature Scene

I had to do a miniature piece for a silent auction and this is what I decided on.

The piece itself (4''x4")was done with my embellishing machine, needlepunching the basic scene with wool rovings. Then I used my sewing machine to put in some birch trees, and finally finishing it with a bit of tatting , embroidery and beads..

I was pretty happy with it and proceeded to find a nice frame for it.

WELL..... after struggling to get it framed I could NOT get it to look centred. Don't know if it is because of the puzzle shape or what but it was not to be.

So.... I needlepunched it to another piece of wool and trimmed around the edge to look like a frame??!!??!! Since I photographed it on a black background, you cant see the black frame around the piece!

I applied a hanger on the back and considered it done!

Perhaps I will set this aside and do something else!

Bird's Nests

I was talking to Pat Winter about the bird's nests as I wanted to make some. I decided I would make a pin out of it rather than a ribbon for wearing around the neck..

This is my first and as you can see I need a bit more practice..... I also think I need a heavier wire.... but gosh they are really fun..

A Flock of Tweeties!

Here are the Tweeties I have done to date... Cute little bunch I think!