Sunday, August 31, 2008

Embellisher AT Work Again

I love trees and this scene stole my I had to make it into a postcard...

The trees were done with my sewing machine using a satin stitch.., then I placed the different wool roving colors to create the leaves , flowers etc.....and used my embellisher to punch in the fibres... After I completed this step I applied lots of french knots with embroidery floss to the various flower areas.Lots of fun.

I think it is the shadows on the pictures that makes the edge look crooked!!! They are straight believe me VBG

Here's a dessert scene post card that I had fun working with. Feel the warmth?

The card really is square!!!! don't know why it looks crooked??

Meet "The Chief"

This doll I named "The Chief". It is funny how ideas are born. In this case I began with the face. Totally unplanned. I was at a face making class learning to sculpt with clay. We had a good time and made several studies in clay. When it was time to go I had a difficult time trying to pack the faces I had done so I wouldn't spoil them on the trip home. When I got home and unpacked my things I was disappointed that the very favorite face had a flattened nose ....darn.....then as I looked at it ideas started to come to mind. I thought perhaps it resembled some Indians I had been studying and the ideas burst forth..... This doll turned out to be one of my favorites and now resides in a private collection...
I might add how we doll makers use anything at hand that suits our purpose. ..... for instance his spear is a fondue fork decorated with feathers and strips of deer skin.... Neat huh?!?!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

More Fun

Debi over at Debi Quilts is having a GIVE-A-WAY..... Look at these yummy charm sqaure!! and here's a quilt book too.....check it out
Do we bloggers have fun or what!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

More Handmade Cards

I went to my card making group this week and this is what I did......
the green ones have a clear insert in the front with the printing on it. Inside I stamped some lovely evergreen trees and a ribbon was added to the front... Pretty huh?

This one was done with a black base and a gray sheet on top. the feathered pomegranate was embossed in white. A piece of wire was twisted around a toothpick to make some curly vines for the stem. The message on this one was stamped in black and embossed to give it a raised appearance.Between the feathers I used glue pen and sprinkled some of Martha Stewart glitter on it... Did you know Martha has her products in Walmart now? Check out the craft supplies there..;-}

Friday, August 22, 2008

Treasure Hunt

If you like to get in on give-a-ways, then pop over to Bonnie's Blog..Calamity Jane's Cottage and see the fabulous bag you could win....


I think I enjoy making bags more than anything.... well lately anyway! These bags were done on a heavy muslin base and put to-gether like crazy patch. I used my embroidery machine to do the motifs.
Some of the bags have parts of recycled bluejeans. I particularly like to use the pockets which gives extra little nooks and crannies to put things.
I have shown you both the front and the back Each bag measures about 12" x 12" with linings which are bright and cheerful with pockets for extras including a cell phone. I have some new ideas brewing which I will divulge later on when I actually get something tangible to show you.

Monday, August 11, 2008

My Dolls

I used this doll in my Header and thought you might like to know a bit about her.
I made her a couple of years ago and her title is "No Place To Go"........She now resides in a private collection... I do miss her but I couldn't stand in her way since she was ready for the adventure.

I was so excited about this one as I found a perfect replica of a shopping cart and knew right away what I would do with it! I had a lot of fun filling her cart with things I though Bag Ladies would have...She wears a moth eaten coat with a raggy fur collar. Not very pretty but keeps her warm.She is very proud to be a Canadian and wears a Canada pin to celebrate her heritage.
She was dumpster diving one day and found a bunch of silk flowers. She thought she would attached them to her tired old hat and immediately she felt like a breath of Spring. I think she deserves to be admired for her courage. Whoever said life was easy!!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Breast Cancer News

I hope you will take a few minutes and view this video. It is some information about breast cancer we should all know. Thanks to my online friend Noel for sending this to me....

Sunday, August 3, 2008

I'm supposed to remind everyone here that the bidding/donations have started for the beautiful Pink Artist doll ("Love Squared"); with all monies going to the breast cancer research thru the Susan Komen foundation. To find out all about it and see photos of all the hundreds of decorated 2" squares from artists all over the world, go to Monica Magness' blog: