Monday, August 11, 2008

My Dolls

I used this doll in my Header and thought you might like to know a bit about her.
I made her a couple of years ago and her title is "No Place To Go"........She now resides in a private collection... I do miss her but I couldn't stand in her way since she was ready for the adventure.

I was so excited about this one as I found a perfect replica of a shopping cart and knew right away what I would do with it! I had a lot of fun filling her cart with things I though Bag Ladies would have...She wears a moth eaten coat with a raggy fur collar. Not very pretty but keeps her warm.She is very proud to be a Canadian and wears a Canada pin to celebrate her heritage.
She was dumpster diving one day and found a bunch of silk flowers. She thought she would attached them to her tired old hat and immediately she felt like a breath of Spring. I think she deserves to be admired for her courage. Whoever said life was easy!!!!