Friday, December 28, 2007


I treated myself to an Baby Lock Embellisher Machine for my birthday in October, and believe it or not I didn't get around to using it until yesterday!!!!!
Well!!!!! I didn't realize what I was missing. I spent the day doodling around with the fabric and it started looking like a queen( In my mind anyway!), so I added a few hearts , a face cabochon and a hand.... some beads and VOILA this is what I ended up with.."QUEEN OF HEARTS" Isn't she lovely!!??
The Embellisher machine uses no thread It has a circle of 7 barbed needles, and when you step on the pedal it punches the fabric or wool rovings or any pretty bits you want to add onto the base fabric. It is embedded so tightly it won't come out ... imagine! and NO THREAD!! I can see where i will be having more fun with this in the future so stay tuned.... BUT what I really wanted to say was I will be including this Journal in my give-a-way for entering the reindeer contest. If you haven't played the game make sure you do so your name can go in the pot for the draw on New Year's Eve....GOOD LUCK.