Friday, January 4, 2008


Hi Everyone,
Thought you might like to see me working on a journal cover using the Embellisher Machine. It is loaded with 7 needles and does a great job making fibre art....I'M IN LOVE WITH IT!!!! When you lay a piece of fabric or lace or anything you want to put down, you put the pedal to the metal and the needles punch the fibres to-gether with no chance of separating without a sruggle at least.
The possibilities are endless.I think you could decorate jeans or a jacket with this technique or heck..... even DH underwear,,HAHAHAHHAHAHA
This piece was done using felt as a background. I wouldn't use the felt for a journal cover again since it was too bulky at the corners to keep it neat. The Queen of Hearts was done on a broadcloth base and it was easier to get a nice sharp finish when sewing the corners.
The theme for this one was underwater and as soon as I sew some fish on the piece along with some beads I will post another picture so y'all come back!!