Friday, September 16, 2011

Progress To Date

Hello Dear friends.
So happy you stopped by. It always means a lot to know you are there.
I finally finished the jackets...One favours pink and the other purple. I know the twins will have fun wearing them. Under the little backpacks is more applique and a "Gone Fishing" sign.. LOL

THEN....... last Tuesday my friend Heather and I took a beading class at our favorite spot in Paris((Ontario, Canada that is!))
It is going to be a necklace,,,,or I thought it would make a fabulous purse handle on a special little opera bag.... we'll see when I feel it is long enough for one or the other...

Now I have to get busy and work on some things for  the Studio Tour.....
Oh Yes.. I forgot to tell you the opening of the  Art Gallery was a booming success. I will get pictures later as the place was packed with over 1000 in attendance.I was so excited to see my contribution in a glass case ...Was I excited or WHAT!.... Yes!
I guess you know I had a toenail removed on my big toe.... Unfortunately it developed an infection so I hobbled over to Emerge and waited 5 hours to be seen..... Doc gave me a prescription and off I went.. Next day after using the drug I developed a terrible itch all over my body.... so..... off to emerge this time it was 1:30 AM.. Not a car on the road and nobody in the emerge! YEAH.. I got in right away and the doc gave me an antihistomine for the itch and a new prescription!! I seem to be able to handle that one ok and as I bathed the foot this morning the toe looks a bit better.....What a worry especially since I am diabetic...Honestly....  as Maggie Muggins told Mr. McGregor in the Peter Rabbit Book..........I wonder what will happen to-morrow!!!! Guess we will just wait and see ;-)
so that's all for now...... Thanks again for stopping by...