Sunday, August 31, 2008

Embellisher AT Work Again

I love trees and this scene stole my I had to make it into a postcard...

The trees were done with my sewing machine using a satin stitch.., then I placed the different wool roving colors to create the leaves , flowers etc.....and used my embellisher to punch in the fibres... After I completed this step I applied lots of french knots with embroidery floss to the various flower areas.Lots of fun.

I think it is the shadows on the pictures that makes the edge look crooked!!! They are straight believe me VBG

Here's a dessert scene post card that I had fun working with. Feel the warmth?

The card really is square!!!! don't know why it looks crooked??

Meet "The Chief"

This doll I named "The Chief". It is funny how ideas are born. In this case I began with the face. Totally unplanned. I was at a face making class learning to sculpt with clay. We had a good time and made several studies in clay. When it was time to go I had a difficult time trying to pack the faces I had done so I wouldn't spoil them on the trip home. When I got home and unpacked my things I was disappointed that the very favorite face had a flattened nose ....darn.....then as I looked at it ideas started to come to mind. I thought perhaps it resembled some Indians I had been studying and the ideas burst forth..... This doll turned out to be one of my favorites and now resides in a private collection...
I might add how we doll makers use anything at hand that suits our purpose. ..... for instance his spear is a fondue fork decorated with feathers and strips of deer skin.... Neat huh?!?!