Monday, January 2, 2012

Meet Isabella

Here she is at last..."Isabella"
The gold crispinettes hold her braids in place and the fillet lies across her forehead.
A veil is attatched at the back of the fillet.
At her neck is a wimple  made of fine silk.
 Her waistcoat is a soft purple made of silk duppione trimmed in white mink.
          The front has a row of crystal buttons for an accent
           She carries a gold lame bag encrusted in beads and sequins
           I used a special hand made bead on the bottom of the bag.
                  Around her waist is a jewelled belt made up of crystals and beads...

Last year I had the pleasure of taking a doll class from Colleen Babcock, a very well known international doll maker living in England.This was the doll Colleen taught, which she calls "A Stitch In Time"It is a history lesson in disguise, as I learned all the names of her garments, which I had not heard of before, it was such fun.
If ever you get a chance to take a class from Colleen you will not be disappointed.Colleen's Blog is here....check it out
Thanks so much Colleen for this opportunity, I loved every moment. It took me awhile to finish her , but I feel it was worth the wait. She should have a piece of cross stitch of a dragon that she is holding but since I am not fond of cross stitch, I decided to  give her a very elegant bag to carry. I hope you like her..