Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Watercolor Journal in Shocking Pink Silk

I had such a time trying to get this picture to go the right way...sigh!
Anyway after wasting too much time I'm sure you can figure out that the bottom of the picture is where it opens and the gold stripe is the bottom. That being said the Journal has 60 pages of 140 coldpress watercolor paper and measures 9 1/2 " wide and 6 1/2 "  long.

I was gifted with some sari silk  fabric with goldwork on it. I have had it for quite awhile wondering what special thing I would use it on. This idea seemed to fit the bill. Thank you to Phllis King for this  fabric.The back of the journal has a lovely flocked silk fabric
It wasa perfect match in color.

The back flap of the  journal has a roomy pocket for notes and sketches
 I used a very pretty batik for the inside.The journal has three sewn in sinatures.....lots of room for some watercolor paintings..
The closure is a special gold button I have been saving forever and since I had no cord that seemed right I made a cord out of some of the silk and sewed it with gold thread..
I think that is all I can tell you about this beautiful journal(If I do say so myself:)))))
If I don't sell this one it will be in my Etsy shop next week.