Sunday, October 31, 2010

Frustrations and More FUN Things!

I have been busy making some cards... Hope you like them.
Thank goodness my creativity has nothing to do with my computer....
I have been so frustrated with this computer.
Had it in the shop to be fixed and all seemed well until I tried to email some pictures...
Wouldn't work!!
Tried to crop some pictures, ...couldn't find my photosmart program!!!
Downloaded another one from the internet and it works but not the one I like....
I have wasted so much time trying to fix something I really know nothing about!!!!
One step above my capabilities..VBG
I guess I will trott it back to the shop on Monday...
Meanwhile where's my needle and thread!!!! It is the only thing that calms me down in times like this... Oh and the other thing that has a soothing affect.... CHOCOLATE...
Look out Halloween Candy.... here I come!!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Update from Maggie's Studio

Hello Dear Friends....

I have been busy but my computer has not been co-operating...
So...... no news from me lately!! ....sigh...

Let's hope I can succeed to-day!

I have been trying something new in my handmade cards.. The piece of artwork is enclosed and the card opens so you can add your own words. I really like them.... tell me what you think

Monday, October 18, 2010

My Special Day

Meeting dear friends .
DH with nephews Scott and John

LtoR...Daughter Lynne, nephew Scott Robinson,"Me" trying to be funny!, DH Robbie, nephew John Robinson,SIL Doreen and her DH Al Robinson DH brother.

Daughter Lynne with cousin John

Maggie with nephew Scott

A Sentimental moment with dear friends.

Good Grief, my eyes are closed, well I guess at this age a nap creeps up!

Beautiful cake, half was chocolate and half was vanilla, It was sooooooo good.

Here is the luncheon laid out. It was a delicious assortment and enjoyed by all.

Hi everyone.
My computer has not been behaving so I am way behind in my posts.

Lots has happened ...
I had a birthday and my DH surprised me with a lovely surprise party with my family and lots of friends attending. I received so many wonderful cards and letters including one from our Prime Minister of Canada.
I can't believe I am 75 years old! The mirror says so but in my head I am still 40!!! Works for me.....VBG
I am so thankful that I am still able to do all the things I LOVE to do. I look forward to being in my studio every day creating something..Praise the Lord.
Haven't got all the pictures yet but here are a few
Hope you enjoy seeing them.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Frustration & Happy Thanksgiving.

This morning started off bright and sunny and I was looking forward to the day....WELL!

My computer has been in the shop forever or at least it seemed like it and I got it back yesterday.... All was well until I tried to scan and print.....:-{
No Luck, so DH had a look and 3 hours later!!!! he got the printer to work but not the scanner.... It is a long story but the bottom line is it will have to go back to the shop! Darn... Oh well that will definitely mean I get more time to work in my studio with no distraction that's a good thing.

Now on to more interesting and fun thoughts...

I hope you all will have a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING , enjoying family and good times to-gether.
My DH and I have been invited out for dinner, so I will not be cooking turkey..sigh!
However, enjoying the company of dear friends makes up for that..

Blessings to all