Saturday, October 9, 2010

Frustration & Happy Thanksgiving.

This morning started off bright and sunny and I was looking forward to the day....WELL!

My computer has been in the shop forever or at least it seemed like it and I got it back yesterday.... All was well until I tried to scan and print.....:-{
No Luck, so DH had a look and 3 hours later!!!! he got the printer to work but not the scanner.... It is a long story but the bottom line is it will have to go back to the shop! Darn... Oh well that will definitely mean I get more time to work in my studio with no distraction that's a good thing.

Now on to more interesting and fun thoughts...

I hope you all will have a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING , enjoying family and good times to-gether.
My DH and I have been invited out for dinner, so I will not be cooking turkey..sigh!
However, enjoying the company of dear friends makes up for that..

Blessings to all


purplepaint said...

Hey Maggie! What a bummer! I don't know what I'm going to do when they pack my computer up! :O Marva

Cotton Picker said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Maggie:

❦TattingChic said...

Hi Maggie! I hope we see you before Thanksgiving! SIGH!

Micki said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your celebration!

Noel said...

HI Maggie...sorry to hear your puter is sick and needs the doc and yours have a Happy Thanksgiving too...and when you get back online, I'm sure you'll have lots to show us!

Judy S. said...

Happy Thanksgiving, and a most belated Happy Anniversary! 56 years...awesome!

PAM said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Hoping you are enjoying this gorgeous October weekend and all the gorgeous colours.

guru said...

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