Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Saga Continues

Hello dear friends.
Thought I had better catch up a bit.
Seems I am still under a cloud... not to speak of all the rain we have had.
As if all my computer problems isn't enough, here is the latest!
My DH had a mini stroke on Monday and I had to call 911. He is a bit better now awaiting some test to be done at the hospital next week.He has been the victim of cluster migraines for over a year and they cannot seem to help him. He is such a seetheart and never complains.I really hope they can help him.
I was at the dentist for a cleaning and asked about a little thing on the inside of my cheek. The dentist thought it looked like a little blood blister, I am having it checked again to-morrow and I may have to have a biopsy
At least that way I know one way or another if it is not to be worried about.
And if that isn't enought to drive my muse away, I dropped my camera and it is now toast! Guess I will get another when I am in town to-morrow.
I wonder what my horoscope has to say ! Maybe I don't want to know.....sigh...
I will keep you posted but in the meantime a few good thoughts and prayers would be so appreciated.
Big hugs all around..