Monday, September 17, 2007

Bead Challenge Winner

beadsbead challengebead challengebeadingserious beadingbeads and teabeading winner

The lighthouse scene was the well deserved winner. The detail was fabulous.

My piece entitled "Hey Sailor", had an honorable part in the challenge and it was fun participating.The poem was written by Marzie, one of the gals that owns the Bead Shop(4 Sirious Beaders)

Here is her poem....

"Amidst the mighty crush of ocean waves that pound the rocky cliffs
And lunge and tear at it's prehistoric face
Little minnows play."

It was a cool day and the event was held in the garden at the bead shop. Along with tea, coffee and goodies, were vendors selling their wares... The first picture at the top is of a caster bean plant. It is an annual and was started from a seed. I couldn't get over the size of the leaves!!!! I gotta try growing one of those!!

A good time was had by all..



Silk Purse Swap

I just finished the silk purse for a swap online(Fibre Art Trtaders on Yahoo)

The swaps are a lot of fun, unfortunately I don't get to do a lot of them due to other commitments. This one caused me a bit of grief as I couldn't find my silk stash!!!! Do I have toooooo much fabric??

You betcha VBG Anyway now that I have found my silk I can get on with my BJP now!!!! Never a dull moment here!