Monday, January 2, 2012

Meet Isabella

Here she is at last..."Isabella"
The gold crispinettes hold her braids in place and the fillet lies across her forehead.
A veil is attatched at the back of the fillet.
At her neck is a wimple  made of fine silk.
 Her waistcoat is a soft purple made of silk duppione trimmed in white mink.
          The front has a row of crystal buttons for an accent
           She carries a gold lame bag encrusted in beads and sequins
           I used a special hand made bead on the bottom of the bag.
                  Around her waist is a jewelled belt made up of crystals and beads...

Last year I had the pleasure of taking a doll class from Colleen Babcock, a very well known international doll maker living in England.This was the doll Colleen taught, which she calls "A Stitch In Time"It is a history lesson in disguise, as I learned all the names of her garments, which I had not heard of before, it was such fun.
If ever you get a chance to take a class from Colleen you will not be disappointed.Colleen's Blog is here....check it out
Thanks so much Colleen for this opportunity, I loved every moment. It took me awhile to finish her , but I feel it was worth the wait. She should have a piece of cross stitch of a dragon that she is holding but since I am not fond of cross stitch, I decided to  give her a very elegant bag to carry. I hope you like her..


Colleen said...

Isabella is just beautiful! Her face turned out so beautifully, so I knew she was going to be lovely, but with her hair and crispenettes and her costume, she just looks stunning. I love the colours that you chose, they really, really suit her face. And good for you, for not doing the cross stitch if it is not your thing, the bag she is holiding suits her perfectly and I love that there is even a hand made bead at the bottom as that makes it even more special - just like you! I hope 2012 is a better year for you. I think with this project finished, you are off to a wonderful start. Thank you so much for sharing Isabella.

Shairon said...

Simply exquisite amazing workmanship!

*~tabby~* crooked heart art said...

Miss Maggie! Isabella is Amazing!! such beautiful work <3

Maggie R said...

THank you dear friends fo your sweet comments.I really appreciate you taking the time to visit.
Colleen,, my beloved doll creator and teacher...Thank you so much for visiting and seeing the outcome of your workshop.
It has been a great start to the New Year and I hope it will continue.

Sharon said...

Maggie she is absolutely gorgeous. I can see all the work and love you put into her. Hope you have the best 2012 ever! Sharon

FredaB said...

Isabella is everything a doll should be. You did a great job and I really liked how you did her purse. Very stunning. My hat is off to you.



Mama Pea said...

Maggie, she is so fantastic! I just love her. I need to finish mine!

fabricpixie said...

Hi Maggie, so this is what you have been up to, a gorgeous Isabella creation!

Hope you are feeling 100% better since your fall.

Stop by PCMA and say HI

warm quilt hugs, sue in CA