Friday, September 16, 2011

Progress To Date

Hello Dear friends.
So happy you stopped by. It always means a lot to know you are there.
I finally finished the jackets...One favours pink and the other purple. I know the twins will have fun wearing them. Under the little backpacks is more applique and a "Gone Fishing" sign.. LOL

THEN....... last Tuesday my friend Heather and I took a beading class at our favorite spot in Paris((Ontario, Canada that is!))
It is going to be a necklace,,,,or I thought it would make a fabulous purse handle on a special little opera bag.... we'll see when I feel it is long enough for one or the other...

Now I have to get busy and work on some things for  the Studio Tour.....
Oh Yes.. I forgot to tell you the opening of the  Art Gallery was a booming success. I will get pictures later as the place was packed with over 1000 in attendance.I was so excited to see my contribution in a glass case ...Was I excited or WHAT!.... Yes!
I guess you know I had a toenail removed on my big toe.... Unfortunately it developed an infection so I hobbled over to Emerge and waited 5 hours to be seen..... Doc gave me a prescription and off I went.. Next day after using the drug I developed a terrible itch all over my body.... so..... off to emerge this time it was 1:30 AM.. Not a car on the road and nobody in the emerge! YEAH.. I got in right away and the doc gave me an antihistomine for the itch and a new prescription!! I seem to be able to handle that one ok and as I bathed the foot this morning the toe looks a bit better.....What a worry especially since I am diabetic...Honestly....  as Maggie Muggins told Mr. McGregor in the Peter Rabbit Book..........I wonder what will happen to-morrow!!!! Guess we will just wait and see ;-)
so that's all for now...... Thanks again for stopping by...


Dolores said...

Is the jacket your own design or is it a commercial pattern? I think they are so cute. How does the backpack part work? Also, did you use cotton or flannel for the lining.
That beading is wonderful and will look great wherever you choose to use it.

Maggie R said...

Hi Dolores..
No , the jacket is not my design. I bought the pattern about 15 years ago and made it for my youngest granddaughter.... Now
does that tell you how I hang onto was from a company called The Thread Bare Pattern Company
I lined it in flannel and I used Kunin Shaggy Felt. I can't seem to find that anymore. It is so soft and I prewashed everything so if the jackets get soiled they will wash nicely.
Anyway they were a lot of work and I am happy they are finished.
BTW The little backpacks button at the top through the ears, and the rope fishing line is not sewn down where the cats arms are and they just go throuigh the line and velcro down.. too cute!
Anyway thanks for your note
PS I am still working on the beading!
PPS The Fleece Festival is coming in Oct... it is a great time.. Google it ;-)

Kathleen said...

Your jackets are adorable and the beadwork really caught my eye. I tried making a bracelet one time, but never finished. It's really beautiful.

Anonymous said...

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FredaB said...

Maggie these jackets are about the cutest child's jackets that I have ever seen. Adding the buttons was a smart idea. They will love them and everyone is going to want to know where they came from.

Also your beading looks great. What a handle for a small bag but only for yourself. Too much work to put on someone else's bag.